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Dr. Mahesh Pannalalji Bora is a highly experienced and dedicated medical practitioner with over 36 years of successful medical practice. He obtained his medical education in the year 23rd march 1986 and commenced his internship at KEMH under the expert guidance of the brilliant physician, Dr. V.R. Pai in Pune City. During his internship, Dr. Bora had the opportunity to work with his dear friend and mentor, Dr. Rajesh R Gadia, who continues to inspire and guide him to this day. Dr. Bora also received training from notable physicians such as Dr. K.M. Gangwal and Dr. F.F. Wadia, as well as surgical experience at Sanjeevan Hospital. Notably, Dr. Bora was fortunate to work alongside his dear friend, Dr. S.S. Bhalerao, who is not only a gem of a person but also a skilled and dedicated surgeon.

Dr. Bora’s professional journey began on 23rd March 1988, when he established Bora Hospital at 589 Ganesh Peth, Pune 2. Since then, he has devoted himself to providing exceptional medical care to his patients, and his dedication and expertise have earned him a reputation as a highly respected and trusted medical practitioner. Dr. Bora considers himself extremely fortunate to have had the guidance and support of his mentors, colleagues, and friends, who have been like true brothers to him throughout his professional career.

About Bora Hospital

Healing patients since 1988, the Bora Hospital is committed to assisting healthcare services to all those in need. One of the best multipurpose hospitals in Pune, the Bora Hospital has gained its reputation for providing quality and assured treatment for over 3 decades. The hospital is equipped with advanced tech support, speciality rooms, and comforting space for patients. Each medical department is well-equipped with world-class healthcare facilities led by experienced & specialized doctors.

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