About Bora Hospital

Healing patients since 1988, the Bora Hospital is committed to assisting healthcare services to all those in need. One of the best multipurpose hospitals in Pune, the Bora Hospital has gained its reputation for providing quality and assured treatment for over 3 decades. The hospital is equipped with advanced tech support, speciality rooms and comforting space for patients. Each medical department is well-equipped with world-class healthcare facilities led by experienced & specialized doctors.

The hospital has state-of-art OPD consulting, an operation theatre, a pathology laboratory, and a Digital X-ray facility. With an extraordinary array of resources, we provide world-class healthcare services. We are composed to identify and respond to the health-related needs of the diverse populations we serve.

Bora Hospital is the best multipurpose hospital and one of the few top hospitals in Pune, India and is known for its facilities.


Dedicated efforts and commitment to providing the best quality treatment, assurance and affordability are the benchmarks of Bora Hospital. We are a multipurpose hospital with notable accreditation for result-proof and service-oriented work.


To offer precise & world-class healthcare treatment to our patients and become the pioneering healthcare solution pan India.


Healing both visible and unseen wounds through apposite aid and specialized expertise aligned with personalized care & empathy.


Working on the principal line of dedication, commitment and empathy. We value and work towards a better & a hopeful future.

Message From Management

The vision of Bora Hospital is to provide world-class medical facilities with 360-degree services within an affordable range. Bora Hospital is a collaboration of super/multi-specialized doctors working together to complement the cause of quality treatment. We have created an environment that inspires and facilitates continuous improvement in quality and care through professionalism and experience. Bora Hospital is a group of dedicated professionals who are bound by ethical principles and are devoted to delivering high-quality and evidence-based care through a multidisciplinary team approach. Our core values are a reflection of our work and results.

Our Team

Our team of specialist doctors offers assuring clinical excellence with directed efforts toward patient satisfaction and safety. This team of consultant doctors, panel doctors and paramedical staff are manned to deliver a world-class healthcare facility within Pune. Bora hospitals is the best multipurpose hospital with the team of decade-long experience in specialized domains & best of services.

Dr. Mahesh Bora


Dr. Mahesh Bora is the chief medical director and a practicing surgeon of burns & poisoning cases. With 27+ years of experience, he has well-trained more than 1000 doctors who are now practicing in their respective fields. Dr. Bora is awarded for his academic & welfare achievements in multiple forms.

Dr. Kevin Bora

Managing Director

Dr. Kevin Bora (MD, Medicine) is a pursuing cardiologist. His experience as a doctor is evident in his friendly and non-alarmist approach toward patients’ health conditions. He explains the disease and suggests the best possible solutions.

Dr. Dhanashree Bora

Joint Managing Director

Dr. Dhanashree is an ENT super-specialty surgeon at Bora Hospital. She significantly contributes to ENT sections like microscopic ear surgeries, endoscopic nose and sinus surgeries, tonsils and adenoid surgeries, and pediatric ENT