Broad Specialities

Bora Hospital provides world-class medical facilities with its best and hi-tech equipment for patient treatment. Being cities one of the best hospitals, Bora Hospital operates multi-specialities operations with cities best doctors, some of our specialities are as follows,

General surgery | Obstetrics and gynaecology | Orthopaedic | Ear, nose, throat surgery | Urology | Plastic surgery | Laparoscopic surgeries. Etc.


Operation Theatre

The OTs in Bora Hospital are equipped with the latest technology and advanced equipment to perform various surgeries in an aseptic environment.

The operating rooms are spacious, hygienic and well-lit, with overhead surgical lights, viewing screens and monitors. The specifications of the operation theatre are maintained as per the NABH-OT guidelines. Power support with backup systems in case of blackouts. Rooms are supplied with wall suction, oxygen, and other anaesthetic gases & carts.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The hospital is well-equipped to look after the ICU patients requiring 24/7 monitoring and care, ensuring regular check-ups and proper medication. Regular doctors check-up and medication ensures that the treatment goes fine for speedy recovery and wellbeing.

Patient Room-2

Medical labs

Check-up facilities for speedy process in hospitalization and treatment decisions. All hi-tech medical apparatus with specialized doctors for appropriate consultation and timely treatment. Medical apparatus as follows:  

Blood Cell Counter, Semi-automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, Nephelometer, Electrolytes Analyzer, Card Reader and Blood Gas Analyzer.