Diagnostics Services

Bora Hospital is always well prepared with the facilities and equipment required for all the challenges occurring within the hospital. To identify medical issues, Bora Hospital is facilitated with the best hi-tech instruments for all the checkups, pathology, sonography, x-ray, each medical department is well-equipped with world-class healthcare facilities led by experienced & specialized doctors.

Pathology laboratory

The highly secured, advanced and updated pathological laboratory at Bora Hospital ensures reliable reports, facility reports & appropriate consulting for the same. Special tests like TSH, PSA, FSH, LH, Prolactin, HbA1c, CRP, RA, etc. are assisted with specialized doctors with advanced medical laboratory equipment such as: Blood Cell Counter, Semi-automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, Nephelometer, Electrolytes Analyzer, Card Reader and Blood Gas Analyzer


Advanced High-tech Laboratory, well-trained staff, cashless services

Authorized blood collection center, Quality control program conducted every 6 months

24/7 door-to-door blood collection service for bedridden and old patients

Blood tests at concessional rates at every ‘Free Medical Check Up Camp’ organized by Bora Hospital, A special 10% discount for senior citizens

Sonography/2D echo

Bora Hospital is equipped with systems like USG (Sonography), 2D echo and Colour Doppler. Our hi-tech machines help in full body analysis, diagnosing the causes of swelling on internal organs, pain and examining the pregnancy in women.


Our hospital possesses many high-end apparatuses like X-Ray, mobile X-Ray and C–Arm for orthopedic and surgical procedures. It provides patients with a clear analysis of the problem and thereby the medical solution.